Go See A Gynaecologist📣

Ive noticed there’s this fear when it comes to pap smears and going to the gynea. As though you’re gonna feel the pain. Like they’re gonna take a whole chunk of your cervix. When in actual fact the only thing you feel is the small pain from speculum used to open you up a bit.

Anyway Im not an OBGYN. Im not qualified in the medical field but I am a female who has been through 2 gynaechologically related surgeries within the 60 something days of this year. That was not a rosey journey for me, so I feel like I should share what was wrong with me to begin with. Maybe someone out there could be saved by reading this because gynaechological problems are sometimes fatal.

I started having menstrual problems in my matric year, 2010.(Yes I’m old!). I’d have my forever period. Thats what I used to call them…cause they went on for forever! Literally 2 months of bleeding. People would say I’m getting lighter when in actual fact I was becoming pale from so much blood loss. I remember being in Mr Kumar’s English class, 1st period and I remember feeling blood dripping down between my legs down to stain my white socks. See it wasnt 1 of those 3-4 pads a day type of period. It was the whole pack of pads a day kind. 

I started using contraceptives which normalised my flow for a bit till the tap would be opened again. So for years on end, I hopped from 1 contraceptive to another, from Dr to Dr, specialists, clinics….the works! But nothing. I even got to a point where after I was hospitalized from fainting due to severe blood loss- prescribed MENOPAUSE MEDICATION!! Yes! At 24, my mother and I were on the same medication but my dose was stronger. I wont lie, the medication helped abit…until 1 Dr told me that just a few days prior to my appointment, he had seen a woman who had cancer because of the chronic use of this medication. Because my mom and my cousin suffered from the same problem in their youth, I decided to just let it go. Maybe it would go away by itself as I grew. But no….

So I rang into 2017 with backpain and cramps. I just thought it was the effects of the busride from Mthatha to Joburg then a taxi to Mafikeng. Little did I know what was happening inside of me. My period started on the 4th of January 2017. When it didnt stop after a week, I decided to take contraceptives again thinking my forever period is back. 2days later, the flow was getting worse, the cramps, when I urinated I felt like screaming from the immense pain. Being a soldier’s girl, I decided to be strong and ride it out. The night of the 30th of January I could not sleep because of the pain I was in. So at 4am I took a bath and at 5am I headed out to the nearby Gynaecological Hospital. 

That day, my life would change. I spoke to an OBGYN about all my symptoms and basically laid out my life story. Ultrasound found I had fibroids and endometriosis. Pap smear results a week later found that I had cancer indicators. Imagine hearing those kind of news and you’re so far away from home. I felt myself becoming cold. I cried soooo much. I remember the emptiness I felt when I had to let my mother and  partner know that I needed surgery to remove the parts of my cervix that showed I could develop cancer.

Anyway, fast foward to 4weeks- post both my surgeries- I have no indicators of cancer, no more fibroids and all the endometrioma have been burned off. Currently recovering from all that.

So here’s what I’ve learned:

•GO FOR A PAP SMEAR EVERY YEAR!! Some people wont feel anything and never develop symptoms but you never know whats going on inside of you.

•Don’t ignore your symptoms or any pain. It wont just go away by itself.

•Be honest with your Gynaecologist. That person doesnt know whats going on so its up to you to give the full story.

•Ask questions! Dont sit there and be a sponge. Its your body. You have to know whats going on with you.

I hope my story will make you see the importance of pap smears and gynaecologic visits. If I had not gone that day, maybe in a year or so I would have cervical cancer. 


Benefits of Dating a Chubby Girl🍑

I’m literally still woozy from the anaesthesia but surgery or not, I promised to deliver so here goes…

For those that dont know me or havent seen me before, I’m a chubby shorty. 155cm height and 76kg weight. I am beautiful and honeyyy…I’m sexy (lol! Ask my man). Chubby girls always get bashed because we’re literally in the middle of thin and fat. Dare I say, we’re perfect😀. I’m tired of slim people always being praised for being perfect when theres a whole other array of benefits of dating a chubby girl.

Last night I asked my boyfriend what the top 5 benefits of dating me are and he gave me some pretty meaningful stuff that got me teary eyed. I wont share them…too deep😢. Anyway here goes…

1. ASS!🍑

Look, I’m yet to come across a chubbs who isnt packing at the back. And its not 1 of those squats induced ass. I’m talking that nice, plump, round, natural ass that makes you stare at it. The 1 that makes you want to give it a nickname. YEAH! That kinda ass!😍

2. Food

Honey, we are not the green salad on a date type of girls. Baby! We’ll feed you!! But not too much. Cause our sexy bodies need to stay slim at the waist and wide at the hips.”I like my girls BBW. The type that wanna suck you dry then eat some lunch with you.”-Drake said it. What more can i say?! You know what to expect. And plus, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so you best believe we’re getting to your heart! We’ll eat WITH you!

3. Good all year round

You know how they say chubby girls are only good for cold weather?? FALSE! See when you’re a chubbs, summer clothes look good on you and so do winter clothes. “That big ass in that sun dress oooo!! Good God!!” -Drake😂. I’m quoting alot of Drake here hey. 🙆The body of a chubbs can pull of all seasons. Not too hot or too cold. Try it! You’ll see. We’ll cuddle with you in winter and poolside chill with you in summer. Best of both.

4. Naturally Sexy

This is directed to the naturally chubby girls. I can tell you that I eat healthier than most people and stay active but slim is unattainable. Thats because of the way my body is. Its just naturally chubby and sexy. Everything is in the right place. Boobs, waist, thighs, ass. We are walking, talking sexy beyps! I was born with a big bum. There was an old woman in the bunduz who always used to threaten to cut off my bums cause they were too big. *sigh* Being sexy since 92 is hard hey!😂😂

5. You’re a REAL Man!

I find that actual men – not boys who pretend to be men, are attracted to chubby girls. Cause we’re packing heat! Akukhali mathambo apha mntase! It takes a real man to handle meat and curves. Bones are for dogs. (Lol S/O to my skinny girls! We still love you but let us be right now). REAL Men dont mind a bit of cellulite or stretch marks. Instead they’ll call you a sexy zebra😂👏 ( S/O to my boyfriend).

6. PHAT Ambassadors

Pretty Hot And Thick. Basically says it call. More cushin for pushin’. Got places to grab on to. Ass to tap. No calorie counting. No “I’m on a diet”. The sax is natural boo. Phat all day, everyday!

7. Motor boating

If you dont know what it means then google it. But for those who do, try it…stick your face between them and do the damn thing🙊

8. Thighs Forever Warm

My boyfriend is always in awe about the warmth generated between my thighs. He calls them heater thighs. Heat inbetween the thighs means we packing that good-good 😻😻.

So thats where I end. Date a chubby girl and your life will be complete.😂😂chubbs stay winning!! Team Chubby Girls✊

Thank you for reading❤

Health Motivator or Body Shamer? 

Theres no doubt that being healthy and active is definetely the “in-thing”. My feed on Instagram is overflowing with posts about clean eating, exercise and general health. Fitness motivators flex their muscles and share the secrets about how to get a flat tummy , thick thighs and a bomb ass.

I feel like its time I talk about this cause I’m not a small girl. No honeyyyy….I got the hips, the thighs, the cellulite, the hello-bye arms (flabby arms), the chubby cheeks, the big bum and by God’s grace…no potbelly! (Starts praying in tongues🔥🔥🔥)

In 2015, I decided to join the movement and become a Herbalife distributor. No shade to Herbalife but their products really work. I went from weighing 88.2kg to 73.1kg. The territory that comes with being a distributor is having to find people to sell the products to which are more often than not overweight. Its not always easy because some people will reject what you’re trying to sell them which is just fine. Ive seen people, after being rejected, turning around and belitteling the person behind their back.

It makes me angry when these healthy lifestyle motivators post memes about overweight people in an attempt to show what they dont want to look like. Thats body shaming! We cant all look alike. We cant all be skinny! Some people like ass and places to hold on to. Just because you dont want to look a certain way, doesnt give you the right to belittle other people. You dont know what they’re going through and what the reason behind their weight is. It reminds me of myself in 2012. I would eat chips (amaskopas) all day, everyday in an attempt to lose weight. The only thing that insanity yielded was really bad ulcers that would cause me to wake up with blood in my mouth. People develop eating disorders because other people who fit the bill on “how people should look” -whatever the hell that means- choose to ridicule them. There is a very thin line between motivating someone to lose weight and be healthy and making them feel inferior and less of a person because of their weight.

Ive been made to feel so little because of how much I weighed. It made me feel less of a person when people called me “mafutha”. I mean…my name is Yolanda. My fat has nothing to do with that! People would always tell me your BMI says you’re obese!! You’re gonna die fat!! Or you wont fit into the door! Or I’m sure your bed has a hole where you sleep!! Imagine all those mean things! 😢After losing weight, people still told me I was fat. What a jacked up society we live in!

And besides, who created the BMI thing hmmm??? Someone who wanted to feel better about how skinny they were by making other people feel like they’re not good enough? All because a number has now catagorized you as obese or overweight? We tend to forget that no matter how much someone may weigh, they’re still a person with feelings at the end of the day.

Ive been fat shamed so many times in my life. By family, boyfriends, “friends”… but making the choice to lose weight was mine. People need to understand that losing weight is not something small. You need to be emotionally and mentally ready to do it.

So to end off, I’d like for body shaming to stop. It causes some deep psychological scars. Not 1 calorie will be added to your daily calorie intake if you dont ridicule them. Let people choose to be influenced positively and to join you in your healthy journey on their own free will rather than going about it the wrong way. 

No BS!

10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Alcohol 🍸

Since its Lent, I figured I should share what I’m giving up. Its Alcohol. Booze and I have a very colourful past that I’d like to forget😂. To help me feel good about why I choose to no longer drink, I came up with 10 reasons why YOU should quit alcohol too…even if its just for Lent.

1.Save Money

Look, lets be frank. Alcohol is expensive. Think what you could do with that money you save. Things that actually last longer than 24hours.


Heres something interesting…alcohol has empty calories. No nutritional value. I once met someone who told me that beer makes you crap so surely it has fiber😂 Maybe but if I want fiber I’ll have muesli or oats…something healthy. Gaining weight cause of liquor isnt part of my life goals hey. *chucks dueces*


I struggled so much with hangovers. Literally made me regret drinking. Feeling crappy, headache, constipation, fatigue, hunger than never ends, throwing up…how awful! Thank God I quit!! 😧

4.You Start Feeling Better

Actually, I started feeling so much better when I stopped drinking. More energy and vitality. Imagine actually getting up and jogging on a Saturday morning without feeling crappy?! This does not apply to the 21 year olds…yall still fresh AF vele.

5. No Drunk Texts

See this, I’m the queen of drunk texting😂 give me a bottle of some good wine and a phone then you’ll know🙆. This will get you into so much unneccesary drama the following day. Pure regret!

6.Always remember what Happened

Mega memory! No more blackouts!! Imagine!!😂😂😂 Waking up the next day and telling everyone what happened is my favourite part of sobiriety!

7. Your Liver will thank you!

And the operative word here being LIVE. Alcohol attacks your liver mostly. Imagine being 30 and having a damaged liver cause uyagalela mos

8. Sperm Count

Alcohol lowers sperm count. Imagine the frustration of trying to have a baby later in life but dololo! And im not talking about the Mazwi syndrome…I’m talking about your swimmers being there but not being enough😂 (I’m really laughing) 

9. No Phuza Face🙌

I’ve seen so many people who go from gorgeous, glowing faces to this washed-out, dry/oily skin that looks so dehydrated. Literally go from beautiful to ugly. Ever wonder why you’re alwayd thirsty after a night of drinking? Alcohol dehydrates your body and skin. Hydrate mntase!

10. No more “I really did that?!” 😱

Ahhh my favourite words 😂 When you blacked out and did insane things like stealing from a street vendor and running away or piggy back riding strangers at Pick n Pay in the liquor aisle. I dont miss that at all. 
Anway I hope these reasons were enough to make you quit…even if its just 40 days.

Outgrowing People

I’ve always been labelled as a mean person. A hater even, but I’m unapologetic about the way that I am and the way way I live.

Life is not stagnant. We go through things. Things that change us, things that make us dig deep into our beings…who we really are. In all this growth, there are people we leave behind for so many reasons.

Some people always feel guilty about not sustaining communication. But in my hustle for a Communication Science degree, I’ve learned that communication is a 2way street. If someone doesnt make the effort to talk to you, then dont feel guilty. If they want to talk to you, they will…trust me.

Do not even get to a point where you’re beating yourself up about the friends you once had that you no longer talk to. We are growing, every single day, in every way. Dont feel guilty about outgrowing people. Some people are meant to be in your life for a certain period of time.

These days I find myself looking at people’s profiles on social media and thinking…”Wow. We were such good friends”. But I dont feel bad that we’re no longer friends because I doubt that who they are now and who I am now could ever really be friends. People change. People HAVE to change. It symbolises growth in most cases. Our value systems change, it comes with the territory of growing up.

However there are those ride or die people who’ve been with you since day 1. Loyal people who even if you dont see them for a year, your relationship still stays intact. I always see and hear High School kids calling each other “best friends for life” and thinking they’ll be with their current boyfriend/girlfriend forever😂😂😂 wooo Lawd!! The chances of that happening are so slim. You’ll lose 70-80% of your friends. Your partner…forget it B!

Anyway  Im not rude, but I just feel that if the last time I had a conversation with you was between 2010 and 2015, then dont call me wanting to catch up. Catch up on what? You dont know who I am anymore and I dont know who you are. I’ve done too much growing, done waaaay too much to give you the 411 on my life. If our paths are supposed to cross and yield a fruitful relationship then thats all up to God…NOT ME!! 

We are too old to be engaging in meaningless, irrelavent conversations that will do nothing for your life.Again, dont feel guilty about outgrowing people. This is life. These things happen.

Be Careful What You Post!

I know this topic has probably been done to death but what i saw the other day just ignited the spark again. 

I was going through my timeline on Facebook and this time i wasnt using Free Facebook because the data gods had blessed me. So I see this girl’s picture with literally nothing but a shirt on which is fully unbutton and only a hand over her breasts and coochie. Myself, still being shocked that there are people who still do these things, I go through the comments. A rather disturbing 1 caught my attention. Another female said that she should be proud of this because theres nothing wrong with the picture. People like to put normal people down. Because if this was done by a celebrity, we’d be loving it.
I sat there and laughed because I couldnt believe the amount of ignorance in what I just read.

The reality is that we are normal people. When you post a half naked picture of yourself on social media no endorsements will come in. When celebrities do that though, personal trainors, designers, underwear departments, nutrition companies line up.
As a normal person what do you get? NOTHING. Just a bunch of likes that wont even pay your rent. We need to understand that the mere fact that they’re celebrities means they’ve worked to be known and their guap situation is sorted. They dont have to worry about prospective employers seeing all this online.

People need to understand that NOTHING can be deleted on the internet. So 1 day when you’re looking for the serious job and a background check is conducted on you, that picture will pop up because background checks are too real! You may not get the job because of the image you portray on social media. We are not celebrities! Even if you are known on social media, you are not a celebrity still.

Understand that not even Beyonce could get her picture removed from the internet. Wena who are you??

We need to understand what the consequnces for such things are. Are those likes worth it? Did they do something for your confidence? How much did you get paid? The need to impress people and get attention is becoming so pathetic it just makes me sad. So if you have raunchy pictures on social media, let all this sink in. The world is real out here. Its not social media. You can be qualified for something but be rejected because of who you are online.

So make your choice…will it be acceptance on social media or acceptance in the real world where real life happens??

Trust Your Journey…

Ever since I finished high school, I’ve always been the type of person who puts pressure on myself to achieve certain things in a specific time frame. How everything is supposed to go like clockwork…everything just on time. Finish my degree at 21, find a good job by 22 or 23. All that has not happened. None of it.
If anything, my journey has taught me to have faith. Faith like potatoes…as the saying goes. Im a big believer in God having a plan greater than any you can have for yourself. Thats all that keeps me going in this journey im on. Cause my goals that I set for myself years ago haven’t been accomplished but the ones I didnt think about surely have.

This post is for everyone who feels like their life isnt going anywhere, like your life is filled with humps, potholes, road blocks, detours and U-turns. Theres is no rule, in any book that says you must achieve certain things by a certain age or it should take you a certain amount of time to achieve something. As young people we put too much pressure on ourselves to achieve. And what we are exposed to on social media, on ICTs influences our ideas of success and achieving.

Im a big believer in happiness being an achievement. These days you can have it all but if you’re not truly happy then whats the point? If you cant wake up in the morning everyday and be truly happy then whats it all for? People argue that money is happiness. To a certain extent yes. If you wake up in a place where the rent/mortgage is paid, have a bed, have clothes, have food and all then yes you are happy. But what about that happiness that money cant buy? That one that makes you wake up with a smile on your face. The one that takes you to your knees everyday to thank God.

6days into the year I found myself spiralling down into the same dark place that makes me depressed and feel worthless. But I fought through that because even if things may not be happening as I want them to, I take comfort in the fact that God wouldn’t lead me astray. Never

So if your life isnt shaping out the way that YOU want it to, remember that there is a higher power working on your behalf. It wont happen on your time but on God’s time.

Faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain. Stay blessed❤