Stop Owning The Insults

Generally, I’m a very frank person who is unapologetically out there. I speak my mind and I don’t fear people and what they think of me. I have a strong personality dashed with a little humour. I am an acquired taste. I’m not for everyone’s palate and that’s really just okay.

With this kind of attitude, I’ve had to adjust to being called certain things. Sometimes I’m called pompous, rude or narcissistic. All those things are what people think, not generally what is true.

So today, I’m trying to point out to you that people will always talk. They’ll always have unjustified opinions of you because upon witnessing you for a whole 5 minutes, they’ll get to a point where they think they can tell you everything about you. It always happens! The rubbish thing to do after all that is take all those insults towards you and your personality, and owning them.

I always ask people why they get so affected by whatever silly comment I make about them. The thing is, if you know something about you is not true then why take it personally? Why own it and hog it? Why personalize it and wear it so much so that it gets you in your feelings? I always say, “ Why are you giving me so much power over you?”. You know I don’t pay any of your bills and I probably wont go to your funeral should you pass on untimely, so why get so touched by me or anybody else for that matter?

Females will get into fights with each other because they were called a “b**ch” or a “h**”. If you know you’re neither of those things, why must you take action? To such an extent that you must beat someone up? Let people stew in their stupidity and misconceptions about you.

I once asked a guy “are you on your period?”. He got so affected and whiled out saying I’m insulting him. 🤣 He got me very curious about him because he was there acting like he had a stain on his pants for real. He knew that it is impossible for him to get periods but he was soooo affected by my question. He spent a whole 20 minutes of his life saying that I think he has a vagina🤣. This guy knew himself well but he was upset all because I was curious why he’s so moody and I decided to equate him to a person on their period. I started believing he really was on his period. I had such a good laugh that day.

Lies shouldn’t affect you. Roll with facts and not opinions.

I feel like people arent living freely because of “bazothini abantu?” (what are people going to say?) .People will always talk. Not everybody will like you. Some people will playfully call you names, believing them is up to you. Having a high regard of yourself is essential because I feel like thats what it really boils down to. If you truly know yourself and your worth, you will never be perturbed by silly comments about you.

Know yourself. Know your worth.


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