If You Don’t Have Good Intentions, Please Just Leave Me Alone

This issue is one that tugs at my heart. I’ve watched and experienced this so many times. People with dirty intentions coming into your life just to cause you pain.

It starts when these guys try to hullur at you. Busy calling you all types of sweet things just to get your attention. Trying to get your attention so they can fulfill their impure intentions with you. We have to understand that at first sight, its just lust. Its not love or any sort of affection. Men want to have sex with you. So we can dub the first sight as sexually based. Its natural and when we’re being frank, there’s nothing we can do because nobody can really and truly love you at first sight. I don’t believe in love at first sight. I’m too realistic for such flimsy concepts.

When you’re trying to get someone but you know deep down inside you just want to play with them, how does that make you feel? I mean, its a question you need to ask yourself. What are your intentions? Your true intentions. People like to take it to extremes and think outlandishly when I talk about this. They always say “I wont know whether I want to marry someone from the onset”. This is not what I mean at all. Just simple and pure intentions to be kind, courteous and cordial to someone. Thats not marriage.

I don’t think people understand the damage that they do to the people they hurt. You have the power to change someone’s entire outlook on relationships. I’m going to confess that I don’t trust people, at all. Especially people who come at me trying to date me. I wont lie and say I’m not damaged. Hell, I am! And its very possible that I may have shooed away the love of my life because of my fear and intolerance of any man trying to get close to me. Its something I’m trying to change but it’s so difficult to stray away from the thought that all men are the same.

Its a simple thing, don’t approach other people’s children if you know you are not going to be good to them. Because as much as we may say that we don’t know what the future holds, the one thing you do know is what you want from someone. These men who come at females just because they want sex and someone to abuse actually disgust me because they don’t think. Would you like your sister or daughter or any female member of your family to go through some of the things you have put your female “acquittances” through? Well unless you’re an utter sociopath, the answer should be NO.

I believe in intrapersonal communication. Talk to yourself. Ask yourself what your true intentions are with someone. There is nothing more powerful than being honest with yourself and with someone else about your intent with them. I hate people who lead others on. Watching someone fall hopelessly inlove with you yet you know you are not there and you don’t care enough to even try. Its demonic. Something has to be wrong with you if you can sit there and feel zero guilt watching someone emotionally invest in you. Watching someone cry over you. We have to understand that emotions are some powerful little things. They can make or break you.

Be mindful of your intentions. Understand that your intentions with someone now have the power to influence their future. Straight women are becoming lesbians not because they’re attracted to other girls, but because they’re tired of being doormats for these men. Some women are here being “bad bitches” because they’ve been hurt so bad by someone that they’ve given up trying to be good girls. Yet men are the very first to jump at their throats calling them bitches, sluts, whores… the works. I’m thoroughly convinced that behind every “bad bitch” is a man who was the equivalent of satan.

I hope this has made you think.

So please, if you don’t have good intentions, please just leave me and every girl out there alone.

Love and Light❤️✨


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