The Silence Factor

According to Statistics South Africa, 1 in 5 women over the age of 18 has experienced physical abuse at the hands of their partner. This is a sad reality that South African women are subjected to every single day. I know someone reading this post has suffered from such. What is more alarming is that alot of these women suffer in silence. They never talk about the abuse they’re suffering due to various reasons.

Fear plays a big factor in their silence. They are scared of what their partners will do to them when they find out that they have told people what is really happening. Another factor is shame. People have a tendency to shame women who are being abused. Another thing is being ridiculed. Siting outlandish reasons like “she deserved it” is one of the major reasons why women choose to suffer in silence.

This brings me to last Friday’s occurrence during a Metro FM interview between Masechaba Ndlovu, MoFlava and Babes Wodumo. It came to light that Mampintsha had physically abused Babes Wodumo which left her with a broken leg and a nosebleed. Watching the video of the interview, it wasn’t Babes who came out with it but Masechaba. We were still shocked about those events but I saw a turn-around as people came at Masechaba.

Now I believe that there is a special VVIP section in hell reserved for the people who are dogging Masechaba for the way this came out. So how was it supposed to come out? Over a nice Sunday picnic? Over drinks? The ugly truth is supposed to be facilitated so it comes out in a “beautiful” way? Arg. It’s really stupid how people ignore the issue at hand and concentrate on the way it came out. Now we must side-step the fact that a man has physically abused a woman and broke her damn leg and concentrate on how it came out.

These people are promoting the silence factor. So many women are abused but are silent about it. So many people have lost their lives because they didnt say anything. I applaud Masechaba for being Babes’ voice. I see nothing wrong with what she did. Yes Babes cried but I’d rather she feel the pain and still be alive and not end up like the Karabo Mokoenas of the world who are dead and can’t shed a single tear.

We need to pay attention to our moral compasses. Why do we concentrate on the reaction and not the actual event which caused the reaction? .It reminds me of my past relationships where a guy would get mad at the fact that you’re angry at him and you’d have to apologise but he’d never ever apologize for hurting you- which is what actually caused the anger to begin with.

If this had not come out, we would still be here thinking Mpintsho is just a nice chubby guy, but now we know the truth. Isnt it better to know the truth? Especially the fact that he is contributing to the horrible treatment South African women face on a DAILY BASIS? Can we stop being so superficial? Can we be real and deal with things and not the way they come to light? Why must ugly and horrible occurrences be sugar-coated and given the “hush” treatment?

I refuse to entertain people who say it was not Masechaba’s place. So who’s place was it? Babes’? Yes, but do you see her speaking out about it? No! It’s especially aggravating to note that some women say this too. Would you like to suffer in silence and be dying slowly daily at the hands of your partner and the people who can help you do nothing about it? How would that make you feel? Again, we need to be real. We all have 1 life- unless you fly on your broom at night.

I say no more silence! Speak up! Be heard! And if you know someone who’s going through such and you are silencing your conscience with a weak excuse like “it’s not my place”, ask yourself- what is your real place? Shedding tears at her funeral? Putting flowers down on her grave?. I would gladly be a Masechaba to every woman facing this. Because silence kills and I’ve had enough of women dying at the hands of their partners. Enough is enough.

Kill the Silence! SPEAK!

A buckload of Love, Light and Strength to Babes❤️✨.

Power to you, Masechaba✊🏾👏🏾

If you are going through such or know anyone who is then please contact POWA!

Thank you for reading. Be sure to share with your friends.


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