The Man’s Female “Best Friend”

I have been through this so many times. The boyfriend’s female best friend. The one who’s always hanging around with him and being all buddy-buddy. The girl with whom he shares a “platonic” relationship👀. Yes. That girl.

I’m talking from a girlfriend’s perspective today because I’m certain that there’s a girl out there who’s questioning whether she’s overreacting or even justified in being uneasy about this situation.

Most people will hush you down and tell you that you’re paranoid and just digging for things that aren’t even there. But baby girl, listen to your inner voice! – Not the demons. Can’t be entertaining ohili!

Then there’s the boyfriend who always thinks you’re jealous and insecure. That you’re just trying to change him blah blah blah. A whole 2cent worth of an opinion. And besides, It’s not even jealousy and insecurity. There are too many girls who don’t know their places out here. You cannot be acting like someone’s girlfriend but you are “just friends”. No! I refuse!

In most cases, not all, there’s actually something happening between them. Either they’re exes, finessing presently or have unresolved feelings between them. As the girlfriend, you have every right to feel some type of way about it. I always cringe when I watch Date My Family and see these girls acting like they’re their male friend’s gatekeepers. Here asking over-personal questions with the intention of embarrassing someone. Questions which if they were asked, would have rotten answers to. Funny thing is they try not to look like they’re jealous of the girl but it’s clear as daylight. There are limits. Know and recognize the line between a friend and a wanna-be girlfriend.

Take me for example, my boyfriend (now ex) started seeing my friend ‘during the people’ while we were still dating. I let it be for a while because “trust”, right?!. Trust my hairy legs! It turned out that they were f**king so your girl got played. Played like a video game. FIFA. Nintendo. Wii! I was waiting for Leon Schuster to pop up real quick. My name was Yolanda “Hahaha” “LOL” Mqoqi for a while hey. Kwadlalwa ngami🤦🏾‍♀️.

So my advice, don’t trust or entertain these girls who want to be or are the man’s best friend. I don’t care if they started being friends in 100BC. If you’re not serving the man fire rounds even if his member is vertically challenged, holding him down, there for him through thick and thin, being a ride or die then don’t be acting like his girlfriend. How would you feel if someone was being too close to your man? All touchy-feely? You know you wouldn’t like it. Know your place nana!

Love and Light❤️✨

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Thank you for reading


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bumblebee says:

    I’ve beeen saying this.👏👏👏


  2. Aliziwe Miza says:

    Where have you been all my life!!! one of the many reasons why i broke up with my baby daddy!! kanti ziyajola eziway..but in the end, yandinceda lentombazane,because it showed me one thing!!i dont have time nor respect for men,who are never clear on where their loyalties lie,but i guess in this case, his loyalties lay with her… will see where that ends up!!! Thank you!! im so obsessed with your posts

    Liked by 1 person

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