Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

This post was spurred on by a Facebook status I saw. This guy was complaining that people with iPhones always think they’re better than other people and never put the phones in their pockets. I laughed at this because not only was it utter BS, I could just see the bitterness just seething out of the post. Geesh guy! Wow.

Oh, and me being this feisty creature that I am, it sparked fireworks in my mind and an array of thoughts that I needed to document.

Firstly, I hate it when people come at other people for the materialistic positions that they have. If someone is proud of the fact that they have something, let them be. If you didnt pay for it, let them be! It’s theirs and not yours. LET 👏🏾THEM👏🏾 BE! 👏🏾

I absolutely detest it when people conscientiously put THEMSELVES in a position inferior to someone else’s just because that particular person decides to live their life in a certain way. People who make themselves the victims drive me crazy. Soliciting sorry feelings because you don’t have a high enough regard for yourself is utter BS. (Read ‘If You Are Not Telling Yourself That You Are Everything, Then What Are You Doing With Your Life?’)

You can’t have a negative image about yourself when nobody has painted you as such. You can’t subsequently make that some else’s problem. That is your own problem that you created and need to deal with. You cannot walk around trying to make people feel bad about the way they live their lives because you grade yourself lower than them. No!

For years, people have come at me about the way I speak. At first I’d tone it down a bit and not speak so much English but the truth is, 80% of what I say is in English and the rest Xhosa. But don’t be fooled, I know how to speak Xhosa. Ndawkusuna wena nezinyanya zakho xa kunyazelekile. Good enough for you?

Till such time I started realizing that there’s nothing wrong with the way I speak, but it was just that people were bothered about the fact that their vocabulary wasn’t as extensive as mine. Now who’s fault is that? Definitely not mine because we have the same 24 hours in a day. I spend some of my time reading and extending my vocabulary, what you do with yours is solely your problem so I should not be subjected to take flack from you about that.

Also, we need to stop blaming other people for certain circumstances that we find ourselves in. If you want something, work hard to get it and if it’s unattainable, make peace with that and let it go.

Too many people are chasing lifestyles that their wallets don’t accord to and end up feeling some type of way when they see someone living that life and doing just fine. Chasing lifestyles that aren’t in your lane is self-inflicted BS to be quiet honest.

Accept what you cannot change because by trying to compete with other people, you end up making yourself miserable. That is why people end up dogging people who have what they want. Be happy for that person and keep it moving. Dragging that person wont make you get what they have. It makes you look like a bitter reacher.

If I’ve got you feeling some type of way or you relate to what I’m saying then GOOD! Because I don’t write and share my thoughts because the sky is blue. I want to influence you and make you think twice about some things.

Thank you for reading.

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Love and Light❤️✨


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  1. Girly Gabble says:

    Yes! I LOVE how true this is 🖤 xo


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