Hey Mama! You’re Doing Just Fine!

Firstly, since its cordial and just, let me apologize for my absence. My health hasnt been all that great lately but your favourite blogger is back😏

Since its Mother’s Day today, I figured, let me not write a corny Mother’s Day post but rather, let me direct it to the young mothers.

We normally walk around frowning upon young girls with big pregnant bellies. Yes, it is not the desired time and certainly not the norm for a young girl to be pregnant but we should also take into consideration that as young as she is, God has bestowed a gift upon her. The gift of giving a life and it is not up to us to determine when she is to give life.

Young mothers are always filled with anxiety about being judged by people, disowned by their parents and their family and ridiculed by their peers. On top of all that, there’s the anxiety of having to bring someone into the world whom in most cases, they wont be able to take care of.

So how about we stop judging these young women huh? Are we God? No. Nobody is all up in your face about the BS you do that doesn’t come to light. Just because the consequences of their bedroom actions come into fruition in the form of a huge belly, doesn’t give anybody the right to play holier than though.

So Happy Mother’s Day to the young mommies. Yes, it is not the desired time as per “life according to people” but according to God, it was the right time. Look after your young little gift. There are tons of women out there who are unable to have children. You are blessed beyond belief, at your tender age. Remember that God does not make any mistakes.

I grew tired of ridiculing people who are pregnant or have kids at a young age. People who know me know that I’m the last person to do that. I’m not here encouraging teenagers and young people to go fuck raw, but when you do find out that you are pregnant, it is not the end of the world.

Go out there and be the best Mommy to that little person. Children are a blessing from God. Just like your parents treated you well, be good to your babies.

Hey Mama, you’re doing just fine!

Love and Light❤️✨


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