Don’t Be Fooled! He’s Just Feeling Cold.

It’s mid-April. Autumn. But we all know, (read in a Jon Snow or Ned Stark voice) WINTER IS COMING!!! aka, CUFFING SEASON.

I am not going to sit here and explain to you what happens in winter because we all know it gets freaken cold. So cold that people start playing games. Baby girl, stay woke! He’s just feeling cold!

Today I’m coming in aid of my girls. Every girl. Tall, short, chubby or petite. Packing girls. Ass, boobs, thighs and hips. All of you. I bet you that you got your inbox and DMs filled with “hey stranger” and “hey beautiful” texts from men. When you walk on the streets, they call you out like “hey beautiful”, “hey my size” (mind you, the person saying that couldnt even benchpress 10kg). Confess, you like it. Its really okay because its human nature to like being flattered, but stay woke!

Men want winter loving. Girls who are going to keep them warm and give them that good-good during winter. They want cuddles that feel like an electric blanket and heater type warmth between the thighs. Again, stay woke! I’ve witnessed too many relationships that started right before winter and end right as spring creeps in. After they get what they want, they give you weird comments like “I need some space”, “I need to figure out where this relationship is going”. The truth is he’s full now cause he done chowed you 3times a day for months on end and he doesn’t need you anymore.

Stay woke! Don’t get played by these men. Sex is a physiological need that is at the base on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Don’t go falling inlove with a man who’s femur is the size of your forearm. A man who you need to think twice before you sit on his lap. The type of have to feed milk and cheese to just to be certain that they’re getting enough calcium. Gotta be sure they have medical aid cause bones break.

I once dated a guy who was way smaller than me. Really thin but really tall. He wanted weird things like for me to put my thighs and legs on him when he sleeps. He wanted to feel the weight. If you know me then you know God was never frugal when it came to giving me hips and thighs. I found this very strange. A strange fetish indeed, but it later dawned on me that this guy was just trying to keep warm cause his skinny ass was cold. I got played. 🙆🏾‍♀️

When these men don’t need heat anymore, they’ll throw you away like a rotten potatoe boo-boo. You’ll be left crying cause you thought it was love but nope, it was just about sex. Play them like they’re playing you. Satisfy your needs and keep it moving. Nobody got time to be played in 2018💅🏾

Bye Felicia.

Winter dates 2018: 21 June – 23 September….Thank Me Later.


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