Celibacy…How It’s Treating Me So Far.

Ha! Shocked, aren’t you? A whole me! Celibate.

I chose to be celibate after I had enjoyed some fire coitus with a guy who left me swollen and screaming everytime I needed to urinate. Nothing strange. So I started thinking, I know I’m not going to end up with this guy because he’s a complete waste of space but gifted in the nether region🍆🙆🏾‍♀️. If I continue this, my future husband will find me in some other state because that guy can make you sing uWakrazulwa🤣. So I, Yolanda Mqoqi, dare I say, decided to be celibate!

That personal vow was made on the 15th of January 2018 and today, Sunday the 15th of April, it’s still a thing. I wont lie and say its easy to go from regular sex to no sex. No, no, no! That’s very hard, but it takes a strong mind not to call up your friend with benefits and invite them over.

State of mind wise, am I thinking more clearly and more focused? Yes. But I also think this can be achieved by a sexually active person. For me, the D drills right through my brain so I spend a couple of days after just trying to gather myself and my thoughts. Another thing is, I always have a sex hangover. You know, when you’re feeling completely crappy, can’t even move, fatigue, your vagina just hurting beyond belief, the only energy you have is reserved for breathing and blinking. Your legs feeling like you just participated in a triathlon…that feeling. That is the post great sex feeling that always got me.

Spiritually speaking, it makes me feel better when I pray. That hey, I may be a sinner Lord, but right now nobody is dicking me down. So 10 points for me, right? 👀Yes…I think.

I wont lie and say I don’t think about sex, I do but my libido is so low lately it’s frightening. It’s like I want to ask myself “girl who is you??”(in a Shaniqua voice).

To be honest, it’s also about challenging myself. I want to see how far I can take this. Oh and I can’t lie, I dream about sex. It’s my body’s way of asking me WTF?!

What scares me the most is the change in the way I see people. You know that when you’re attracted to someone, ultimately, if you get it together, you’re going to have sex. For me, this sex part is non-existent. I could like you but I just don’t see the sex happening, my body just says no and my mind be like HELL NAW!

Maybe I’m playing myself but I like the way I am right now. I’ve had men do a quick U-turn when they find out that I’m celibate, but it doesn’t bother me cause I just don’t need a man right now. You’re probably thinking I got a dildo stashed in my drawers or something but nah. It takes discipline not to have sex, especially when you’re me – a bit of a sex addict🤣.

So that is how my celibate lifestyle is treating me so far. It’s become easy and a part of me.

If you want to try it, go ahead. Good luck with your first 2weeks because I nearly quit right there and then.

Love and light❤️✨


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