Why Women Cheat on Good Men

First let me say: I, Yolanda Yonela Mqoqi hereby do not hold myself responsible for any possible chest pains, newfound PMS or being iffy which maybe be caused by this post. The reasons these females gave me made me laugh but still left me feeling sad for men at the same time. If men ever thought they were the top dogs in the game, surely this will make them think again.

This post came about after my inbox was filled with commentary from guys who said that the previous post “Why Men Cheat on Good Women” (scroll down to read) made them look like monsters, I didn’t take everyone’s opinions into account and that women cheat too. So to be fair, since women do indeed cheat, why not dedicate a whole post providing a plethora of reasons why we do? Yes, me too.

A good man. An attractive man who gives you fire sexual experiences, emotionally and/ financially supportive, loves you, cares for you, considers you in all they do, respects you and doesn’t make a complete fool of you. A passionate man who understands your intellect, supports your dreams, doesn’t lie to you, a man to whom you are a high priority. A romantic yet man’s man kinda man😍🔥

The above is a description of the perfect man because no one man could ever possess all these qualities. I refuse to believe that. (but if you think you are, hit me up- let’s talk about it). So here goes…

1. Whack sex. This lady said “Look, I love sex. Make my legs tremble, make me feel like I need to repent, make me feel like it’s sliding right between the hemispheres of my brain. If he cant then I will cheat on him! He can be as good as he wants to be but if the rounds aren’t good enough then I’ll find some good rounds elsewhere and come back to him for cuddles.”

2. Mamma’s boys. “We adore men who love and respect their mothers but if you’re going to make our relationship the 10th priority in your list and the whole other 9 priorities are your mother then I’ll make another man a priority and you’ll be last thing on my priority list.”

3. Playing games.

“Life is a game on its own. You must play the game. So I cheat before he cheats because eventually he will. By the time he thinks about or even does cheat, I know I’m good cause I’ve beeeeen getting my legs spread somewhere else.”

4. No money man.

“If we are in a relationship and I find myself having to pay for dinner, buying you things then baby, I don’t care how good you are- I WILL cheat on you. Because women want to be spoiled but here I am suddenly being your man. What is that?. I will get myself a man who can give me the money I’m busy spending on you!”

5. Friends before girlfriend

“If a guy wants to constantly be with his friends and spends less time with me then while he’s busy with his friends, I’ll be busy spending time with another man. Or makatsho uba bayatyana nezichomie zakhe.”

6. Not manly enough

“I must feel like I have a man. Take charge. Don’t let people walk all over you and me. There’s humility then there’s ukumatha. Understand, be a marshmellow with me and act all cute but when we’re outside, get your $#*t together.”

7. He’s cheating anyway.

“My ex-boyfriend thought I didn’t know that he was sleeping around on me and I kept quiet. I was plotting cause I was going to cheat once and once only because cheating is draining AF. Cheated on him, made sure he found out, he regretted ever cheating on me- mission accomplished.”

8. He don’t eat p*$$y

“This is a deal-breaker for me because I’m not the cheating type. He can be a good man but he has to eat me out or we have a problem. I’ll keep him yes, but I’ll find someone who will let me sit on his face.”

9. Stupidity

“This always happens to me. I meet a man who looks like something from the movies. Looks good, dresses well, smells great, amazing sex but IQ score is -1. I’m going to need some intellectual conversations so I’m sorry but if an ugly man can talk smart with me, I’ll keep you just cause you look good.”

10. Testing him.

This girl made me laugh. I had to censor alot of what she said. “I’m testing to see if he’s really paying attention to me and really cares. I’ll blatantly cheat. Make it obvious. If he doesn’t see it then he’s dumb and doesn’t care about me and I can’t date a dumb man!” 🤣

11. Baby Mama Drama

“His baby mama would call at 3am and say the baby needs clothes. 3am nogal! Imagine. Then she would pop up when I’m there and ask to have a private conversation with him. Private njani? Uyarenta ebackroom lomntu! (He rents a backroom). Private njani? So he asked me to leave. I cheated because of that. He chose his baby mama over me. The same person who picked him up when his baby mama had finished all his money. I loved him, thats why I stayed but I cheated when the baby mama would start with her nonsense.”

After putting this post together, I’ve come to the conclusion that men and women are just the same. We cheat on each other for small, weird and often stupid reasons. Like I said on the post about men cheating on good women, it is better to just say what’s making you feel like you need to cheat instead of hurting someone.

Communication stays being one of the most important things in relationships. The thing about it though is that (my experience) when you talk about something that’s making you unhappy in the relationship, you get given the “you complain too much” speech and when you’re quiet you’re dubbed as passive aggressive. So what to do??

Men don’t know what they want just like women don’t know what they want. We want perfection. Perfection which doesn’t exist. I think we just need to find someone who’s the closest thing to what we want. Whatever is lacking from there onwards can be taught. Well unless man’s little friend down below isn’t lengthy enough. Then Houston, we got a problem! We can teach each other how we want to be treated, how we want to be eaten out or rode. How to be talked to, how to be considered, supported and respected. If all that doesn’t work then cut ties, instead of cheating and hurting each other. Men may act like they don’t have feelings but we know that deep down it hurts.

I enjoyed writing about this, merely because it showed that even women are doggish and to be honest, we’re better cheaters than men.

Love and Light❤️✨


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