How Dare You!

How dare you even attempt to make me feel like I am not worthy because I dont fit into your definition of ‘beautiful’ ? Why would I want to look like everyone else? Fit in with the crowd. Me? Never that!

How dare you swear at me when I don’t respond to your hoots, whistles, profanities, ‘sweeties’ and your ‘baby’s’. I have every right to shut my mouth and walk away if I dont want to talk to you. You shouldn’t be emasculated enough that you begin to swear at me. Grow up, guy.

How dare you even begin to associate my intellect with my body. Because I look beautiful, surely I’m not smart?!🤔 Intellect has to do with my brain. Do you know what I’m thinking? So what if I’m packing heat in my bottom half? So what if my thighs tell you that I got fire between my legs? What? Is that what you’re going to stare at? My brain is up here baby boo!

How dare you even begin to bring me down to a level when I am a woman laced with grace and pride enough to fill up a stadium? Why would you want to box me into your little definition of a woman? That I’m supposed to cook and clean and walk around barefoot, pregnant in the kitchen? Open your eyes.

How dare you question me about my weight and about my jean size? If you don’t buy it, why do you think you are entitled to an opinion hmmm? This amount of confidence, beauty and intelligence needs a bigger body than your average because there’s nothing average about me! This? Me? A whole me? Average? Man please!

How dare you question my sexuality when you see my facial hair? Has a man ever been this naturally beautiful? Has a man ever had these curves? Man, what? Don’t be ignorant. Hairy bones are delicious.

How dare you even try to put your hands on a woman because you cant handle the fact that she’s not going to take your shit?! How dare you. Punching bags are made to be hit, not us, not we, not me. No, never! A woman? Never that baby!

How dare you even try to try and trigger me. Me? A whole me? Don’t you know? A woman is trigger, now trigger yourself honey!


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