If you’re not telling yourself that you are EVERYTHING, what are you doing with your life?

We like to dumb ourselves down as people, so we don’t seem arrogant and over-confident, but positive affirmations about ourselves to ourselves are so important.

I wake up everyday and say something positive about myself to myself. It has become a habit and quiet frankly it works wonders for my mood- its a ‘pick-me-up”. But don’t lie to yourself. Always be true!

If you dont wake up everyday and tell yourself something positive about yourself to yourself while you’re staring at yourself in the mirror then what are you doing with your life? God made you the way you are! Embrace who you are. And hell, if you’re not happy with what you see then change for the better. Also, its very important to accept the things you cannot change because that will take you on a down-spiral of self-loathing.

I remember myself being obsessed with my weight. I thought, if I could lose weight I’d have washboard abs and the arms and legs of a supermodel. That never happened and that’s when the depressive thoughts started. I forgot that God gave me huge hips, thighs and buttocks because I could handle them. And honestly, I cannot imagine my life without them. I LOVE THEM😍! But sadly, I know theres a girl out there right now who is questioning her self-worth because she doesnt have that flat stomach, that apple shaped butt or those fit legs. She feels she doesn’t deserve good things cause she doesn’t ‘look the part’🤦🏾‍♀️.

See me, people go on and on about my facial hair, my vampire teeth, my weight, my height, my hair, the way I speak- picking everything thats not ‘right’. But see heres the real thing, i am the honey in the lion, a gem, so unobtainable, I am gorgeous because of the beautiful patterns my facial hair takes, my brows, my eyes, a smile that warms hearts, sexy curves, I’m a shorty who speaks English so fluently you’d swear my first words were “Oh darling, please”, I’ve got great skin and I make men want to marry me🤣. So now if I wake up everyday and tell myself that, who could ever get to me? Who can tell me what?

I wish everyone would have this attitude about themselves because it starts with you. I’m so tired of people policing themselves because they don’t fit into the ideals created by other people. Create your own! There is nobody like you! God made you the way you are for a reason.

Start small, the little things matter. Call your name out in the morning and tell yourself that you’re beautiful/handsome. Be your own hypeman! Be the MVP of your own life. If you wait on people to give you positive affirmations about yourself, you’ll die miserable. Stop documenting everything that is ‘wrong’ about you! You’re going to die someday! Atleast make sure you’re happy now instead of sitting there being bitter and miserable because you don’t look like a slayqueen.

So, enter them! And enter them strong! This is your life. “Life is for living not living uptight!” -Jay Z.


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