Masturbating is Good for You😏

Reading the mere title excited you! Confess it! Naughty lil thing. But I’m not here to judge, merely to share something I’ve been reading up on.

Doctors promote masterbating because they say it’s good for you. And we can trust Doctors right? Yes! So here are 5 reasons you should masterbate.

1. Pleasure (obviously…unless you’d be doing it for nothing). As with any welcome sexual stimulation, it creates pleasure and who does’nt want to be pleasured?! So if nobody can pleasure you, pleasure yourself!😏

2. Blood Flow

Masturbation helps to bring blood flow to the erectile tissue for both men and women. This promotes healthy functioning of the sexual organs. In other words, it keeps your shit working!

3. Stress Relief

Ever feel when you have a headache and you have sex, it literally goes away? Well thats because sexual activity helps releases oxytocin and endorphins – your feel good hormones. Masterbating can also lower blood pressure and anxiety and is especially great for stress relief. So if you’re stressed, you know what to do😈

4. No 2 Minute Noodle Men

I may not be a man but I’ve heard this one a million times. That if men masterbate often and before they have sex, it makes their erections last longer. And God knows we don’t need men with Spring Chicken Disease. Mr ‘I’m cumming now’ but its only been 10 thrusts, Mr ‘Your pussy is too good’ or ‘it’s too wet’ or ‘I’ve been turned on for too long’… All these invalid excuses we just don’t recognize as women.

5. Prostate Health

This is a very important issue for men. Especially since we’re getting older, illnesses that we thought are far-fetched and would never affect us are happening more frequent to people who never thought they’d be sick ( Me). But anyway, when done in a healthy way (jacking off once or twice a day at most), regular masturbation with ejaculation can help maintain the health of the prostate and lowers the incidence of prostate cancer in men.

I hope these reasons gave you good insight about the benefits of masterbating. Some people are ashamed of such things but I feel like it’s time we break away from shame and start being open. Some people will go about saying it’s a sign of desperation or drought but who cares?! Let people think what they want to think. If they’re not feeding you, financing you or giving you regular, fire rounds then it’s none of their business.

Do you boo-boo!

Thank you for reading.

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