Find You!

So firstly, I feel like I should apologise to those people who were avid followers of my blog and those who actually took something from my writing. I went through a ‘finding myself’ phase, a phase which I feel is very important. I’m sorry for my disappearing act.

I took time to reflect on my life, where i am and where I am realistically looking to be, with the operative word being ‘realistically’.

Those who know me, and those who read by post “Go See a Gynae” (scroll down to read) will tell you that my health was troubling me the whole of last year. The anxiety and uncertainty of everything really took its toll on me and I found myself having to put up an ‘I’m awesome’ face for everyone. But in actual fact I was’nt fine at all. Inside I was breaking down and losing faith in God. It was a really tough time for me. But enough about that! These days I’m all about positivity and a vigorously revived faith in my God. I’m here to talk about finding you! Your passion.

So today, I went to the mall in search of an outfit because Father God decided it’s my time now and I’m set to graduate in a couple of weeks. I went with a friend of mine. Most girls who go to the mall go for the pictures and the food, well because I wanted meat and with 9days left of Lent, I was craving it so bad. Anyway, as we went about our day, we started having constructive conversations and not gossiping about other people or which trends so follow.

“Find your passion”, she said. “Find what you’re good at!” This just happened a couple of hours ago and I started lighting up in my head because I realised (through her help) what I’m actually good at and that lifted a ten thousand ton load off of my shoulders.

So I’m here to be a Simnikiwe Magewu to you all and say FIND YOUR PASSION. Don’t be apologetic about what you’re good at. It does’nt matter what people think of you. Eventually, even the ones that ‘hate’ what you do will ask you how you’re doing it.

These days we’re all about the moola! So find something that sets your soul of fire but can also bring in some bucks.

Yesterday I got a videocall from a friend of mine who I havent spoken to in years and he told me the same thing about his passions and what makes him tick.

We take for granted the actual concept of happiness these days. Social media got us wanting to make people think we’re happy and monied but in actual fact we sleep miserable and broke. Put yourself first! Be selfish about what makes you happy. Your peace and your happiness are so important! I’ve beeeen preaching about this.

I feel like I’m on fire right now with a million things to write about because my brain is buzzing again. It doesn’t have that silent, depressing tone. You know, that one where you scroll through someones Instagram and feel bitter AF (I know you’ve done it too).

Don’t be afraid to be yourself in a world where everyone is starting to look the same. The fashion trends make us seem like we’re the same. Let you shine through. Show yourself! Don’t blend in! I am a blaze of fire in a world of black and white, be your own colour blaze too!

This is your time! Go out there and shine baby!

Also, please follow my blog because more content is coming in the next couple of days. Follow me Become Yolanda.

All love❤️

#findyourself #innerpeace #happiness #love #passion #fire


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Namhla says:

    Thank you very much for this blog Yolanda, this is something everyone needs to read.


    1. Yolanda M says:

      Thank you darling. Its a pleasure


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