You know, everybody finds flattery in being wanted by somebody. However, for me this takes a whole other turn when someone will refer to me as “Winter Stock”. 

As I stated in my previous posts about Chubby Girls and Body Shaming, I’m a chunky shorty. Call myself “Chubbz” sometimes. I take pride in my apprearance cause I got the curves.  Thats the way I am. However it saddens me when men try to make me feel like theres something wrong with looking the way I do.

Labelling someone as “Winter Stock” is a form of body shaming. How dare you say that I’m only good for the winter season ?! Do you even know me? Do I look like a blanket? During hot seasons, skinny and petite girls are the preference?

Men make women feel inferior by giving them these tags. To them its harmless or even in some twisted way, a compliment, but when you read into what theyre actually saying is certain women are only good for certain periods of the year. So a chubby girl isnt good for Summer, why? You want a woman but you cant even respect her enough to look past her body? Are we just bodies to be utilised for physical conquests and pleasure only? No! We are people with feelings and intellect!
For some odd reason men feel like they’re doing you a favour by wanting you for Winter. You were not born to be anyone’s blanket. Funny thing about me is that I have a naturally cold body. Throughout the year my hands, legs, feet, nose and lips are always cold. So im not the “winter stock” you want honey. Im a cold bitch. Literally

So ladies, dont let these guys lower your self esteem and make you feel some type of way because of your body. Do not let people’s opinions dictate your life like that. If they want to call you a seasonal stock, let them be. Maybe they’re not good enough for you anyway.

You are every season, every month, every week and everyday stock! You are radiant mama. Flaunt those curves 12months non-stop! 


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