Ladies…Don’t use 1ply Toilet Paper

Everytime I talk about this, there is always someone who calls me a “cheesegirl” or “rich” or insists that I’m being “extra”. It’s tags I’ve learned to ignore because I know what they don’t know.

I know I’m not the only person who sees and feels how frail and fragile 1 ply toilet paper is. Sometimes you’ll have flu and attempt to blow your nose with it and most of the contents would end up tearing through its weak structure. Imagine wiping your vagina or anus with it.

I find ladies to be at a disadvantage when it comes to the vaginal area. Its so easy for bacteria or foreign matter so make its way through there. I know I’m not the only one who when using 1ply toilet paper, is left with shreds of it on the vagina due to the fact that its weak and disintegrates easily. As much as this is untidy and irritating, it is also a massive health risk. These shreads of toilet paper can put you through hell if they make their way into the vagina. You could suffer from bladder infections, cysts, vaginal infections, discharge and also a shift in your vaginal pH level and so on. The moment an unnatural particle makes its way into the vagina, you’re screwed. Except a penis ofcourse- we support that object😂🍆

My previous illness has led me to be extra, extra, extra careful about anything that happens in my vaginal area. You can call me picky or obsessive but I insist on Baby Soft toilet paper. Though it may be more expensive than 1 ply toilet paper, it is still the best for me. When I wipe after I have urinated, there aren’t any disintegrated shreds of toilet paper stuck on my vagina. Its strong enough to withstand the urine and doesn’t tear afterwards.

So in order for me to make sure nothing like that happens to me, I always have some toilet paper in my handbag when I am going somewhere because you never know what type of toilet paper is in some people’s toilets. Sometimes I forget, I’m human, and I have to use the questionable, weak brand. When I get to my place after such an occurence, I use Gynaeguard to wash my vag so all the foreign matter is washed off before it stays there for too long, causing a disaster.

And as Trevor Noah once asked before “2 PLY FOR WHAT???????….Well….2 PLY FOR YOUR HEALTH!!!


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