I’m sure almost everybody has seen or heard of the content of the Sesethu video. This video went viral because of the “share” option. “Share”- a word that would normally carry postive connotations but in this world we live in, sharing content could literally end a life.

It is no secret that pornographic content of any kind excites the average person. We dont blame you for your clits and penises tingling- its perfectly natural. But to then go on to ridicule someone because of that, because of sexual acts- now that’s questionable. I’m sure you sit there and touch yourself too but the only difference here is that she made a video.

I watched the video but I couldnt even finish it cause all I could think of was her mother, her father, her entire family. Did you see her face? That there is a child. Not even done with High School I’m sure. She may be engaging in adult themes but thats the world we live in. Kids can have sex at age 12. Kids have kids. Kids raise kids. So how will anything be fine?!

For the many people who shared this video, what is wrong with you? Females especially. How disgusting. People drop their numbers in comment boxes because they want to see a child masturbating then turn around and make fun of her. What if that was your daughter? Your sister? Your cousin or your relative? Would you still share it? You pass judgement so quick as if she was the one who shared her video all over social media. You blame her like there was something wrong with all that.

Doctors promote masturbation. Wena where is your PhD in Stupidity?! Im so sick and tired of people being able to have so much power over someone else. And it saddens me how she almost tried to take her life. How does that make the person who initially shared this video feel? Good? I wonder.

Cyber laws need to be stricter in this country. This needs to come to an end. Imagine if she had died. As the one who shared the video, would you pay for her casket? Her wreaths? What about the heartache her family would go through hmmm? No. You would do nothing but you would be an accomplice to a murder. You would have a hand in killing her. Because you act high and mighty behind a phone screen but the crux of the matter is that everyone who shared that video has contributed to her shattered psychological and emotional state. You feed off making other people feel small and worthless. Worry not though, there’s a special VIP section in hell waiting for you. You will get what you deserve.

I’m not normally so emotional when I write my posts but today its just too much. This is cyberbullying. This has to stop. It mindf**ks me how people laugh over this. Humans are just empty skeletons walking around because the humanity is gone. I’m sure hell is empty cause all the devils are living amongst us.

I hope Sesethu recovers from all this. I hope she finds peace and strength to carry on living life. I hope she gathers up more reasons to live way more than the number of times her video was shared. I hope she grows up to be a phenomenal woman. A woman of power and love. Ngxesi sisi❤



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