5 Reasons Why Xhosa Girls Are Good Girlfriends


Ndingu MaRhadebe



Ndlebe ntle zombini

I am a Xhosa girl. I click my tongue and say words like “sana” and “kaloku”. I pride myself in all this. Today is all about my Xhosa girls! Here are the top 5 reasons, in my opinion…why you should date a Xhosa girl.


I speak for the many I’ve seen but hai sibahle sana!! We’re beautiful. There’s no doubt about it. There’s no Xhosa Butter bethuna. Yikrwatyityi (that orange sack) that we used to wash our bodies growing up. 😂😂 Jonga ngoku senza ama YESESS🔥

2. Domesticated👰

We’re pretty domesticated. We can cook, clean and make your room eback seem like a warm home.😂You’ll even forget everything is in 1 room.

3. Financial Management:💰💳

😂 Apparently Xhosa girls love money. I wouldnt know cause I like my money more than anyone else’s. They’re partly mistaken. Xhosa girls are just good with finances…the spending part. But don’t worry, we’ll help you spend it on the right things.

4. That clicking tongue👅

Pronouncing the “Q” and the “X” really strengthens your tongue and mouth. Thats all I’m going say. Make your own deductions😈

5 SiGreat! Senza umrifithi!!💯

Haters are gonna hate. Potatoes are gonna potate. But who came up with “ziRight igirls”?? “Mntase”? “Gqwirhy”? “uLife utricky chomie”? A Xhosa person! Sina “that thing” in tons marn. Undeniable. 😂 More than anything, what makes us so great is how fiesty we are. Siyaqhuma mntase.🔥

Anyway, dont let social media fool you. Xhosa women make great girlfriends❤


One Comment Add yours

  1. Lindisipho says:

    Yes girl ! Sebenza girl ! I love being a Xhosa lady ! 😊😊😊


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