Bafazini Syndrome* 

The term “Bafazini” is used to describe a man who feels the need to dabble or weighin on women issues. Gossipping, hair, nails, complexion…the works.

There’s a difference between being interested and this thing men do. Men will get to a point where they’re arguing with you about something you know better about. How is that possible? I dont understand whether its a lowkey way of coming out of the closet, metrosexuality creeping in or something else.

Couple of weeks back, I was talking about vaginal elasticity. This guy said I must go read up about it since I’m misinformed. 😂😂 Can we just correct all the flaws in that. Last I checked, which was about 2minutes ago- I had a vagina right inbetween my legs. So compared to somone who isn’t an anatomy specialist or an OBGYN and actually has a penis, I KNOW better. Plus, I consider myself to be an intelligent being. He got to a point where he said my man should teach me a lesson because I’m stupid. 😕 Stupid for not listening to a mysogenist man with a penis trying to tell me about vaginal elasticity…wow.

Just the other day a group of ignorant boys (early 20’s are boys to me) were saying that girls with manicures dont wipe their asses properly. 😕. So to break it down according to them- every woman out there with a manicure is walking around with a dirty butthole. I think people expose themselves in that they hang around with people who walk around with sh*t stains in their butts. UPGRADE YOUR GIRLS! Men need to understand that a manicure is not a handicap or a disability. The things we do when we have normal nails are the same things we do when we have a manicure. Only difference is we’re more careful when we have a manicure. Now more than ever its clear that if men had manicures, they wouldnt wipe their buttholes properly. Thinking we use the whole toilet paper roll…how? This is the reason men can’t have manicures. They don’t have the mental capacity to fathom that life still goes on normally with a manicure.

Men will become so concerned about your weave/wig and tracks like they’re the 1 to go through it all. Its not your hair it’ll be attached to, you’re not the 1 who has to manage it and if you didn’t pay for it then its none of your business. Why are you trying to complicate your life when all you need is a R10 chiskop?

So what if females use products to lighten their skin? Are you going to be the 1 to use the products? No. All you do is watch the skin shades get lighter. Your job is to watch only. Nothing more.

There’s nothing wrong with being interested. Ask questions, its ok! I remember my boyfriend’s face when I took off my wig infront of him😂😂. It was like his brain was malfunctioning😂😂. It was a priceless moment. He then asked me why it looks like its attached to my hair. I explained and he understood. He didnt argue with me about money I spent on it, why I have it and why it’s not attached to my hair because its not his business. He doesnt have to worry about that.

I’d like to end off simply by saying.



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