Benefits of Dating a Chubby Girl🍑

I’m literally still woozy from the anaesthesia but surgery or not, I promised to deliver so here goes…

For those that dont know me or havent seen me before, I’m a chubby shorty. 155cm height and 76kg weight. I am beautiful and honeyyy…I’m sexy (lol! Ask my man). Chubby girls always get bashed because we’re literally in the middle of thin and fat. Dare I say, we’re perfect😀. I’m tired of slim people always being praised for being perfect when theres a whole other array of benefits of dating a chubby girl.

Last night I asked my boyfriend what the top 5 benefits of dating me are and he gave me some pretty meaningful stuff that got me teary eyed. I wont share them…too deep😢. Anyway here goes…

1. ASS!🍑

Look, I’m yet to come across a chubbs who isnt packing at the back. And its not 1 of those squats induced ass. I’m talking that nice, plump, round, natural ass that makes you stare at it. The 1 that makes you want to give it a nickname. YEAH! That kinda ass!😍

2. Food

Honey, we are not the green salad on a date type of girls. Baby! We’ll feed you!! But not too much. Cause our sexy bodies need to stay slim at the waist and wide at the hips.”I like my girls BBW. The type that wanna suck you dry then eat some lunch with you.”-Drake said it. What more can i say?! You know what to expect. And plus, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so you best believe we’re getting to your heart! We’ll eat WITH you!

3. Good all year round

You know how they say chubby girls are only good for cold weather?? FALSE! See when you’re a chubbs, summer clothes look good on you and so do winter clothes. “That big ass in that sun dress oooo!! Good God!!” -Drake😂. I’m quoting alot of Drake here hey. 🙆The body of a chubbs can pull of all seasons. Not too hot or too cold. Try it! You’ll see. We’ll cuddle with you in winter and poolside chill with you in summer. Best of both.

4. Naturally Sexy

This is directed to the naturally chubby girls. I can tell you that I eat healthier than most people and stay active but slim is unattainable. Thats because of the way my body is. Its just naturally chubby and sexy. Everything is in the right place. Boobs, waist, thighs, ass. We are walking, talking sexy beyps! I was born with a big bum. There was an old woman in the bunduz who always used to threaten to cut off my bums cause they were too big. *sigh* Being sexy since 92 is hard hey!😂😂

5. You’re a REAL Man!

I find that actual men – not boys who pretend to be men, are attracted to chubby girls. Cause we’re packing heat! Akukhali mathambo apha mntase! It takes a real man to handle meat and curves. Bones are for dogs. (Lol S/O to my skinny girls! We still love you but let us be right now). REAL Men dont mind a bit of cellulite or stretch marks. Instead they’ll call you a sexy zebra😂👏 ( S/O to my boyfriend).

6. PHAT Ambassadors

Pretty Hot And Thick. Basically says it call. More cushin for pushin’. Got places to grab on to. Ass to tap. No calorie counting. No “I’m on a diet”. The sax is natural boo. Phat all day, everyday!

7. Motor boating

If you dont know what it means then google it. But for those who do, try it…stick your face between them and do the damn thing🙊

8. Thighs Forever Warm

My boyfriend is always in awe about the warmth generated between my thighs. He calls them heater thighs. Heat inbetween the thighs means we packing that good-good 😻😻.

So thats where I end. Date a chubby girl and your life will be complete.😂😂chubbs stay winning!! Team Chubby Girls✊

Thank you for reading❤


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