Health Motivator or Body Shamer? 

Theres no doubt that being healthy and active is definetely the “in-thing”. My feed on Instagram is overflowing with posts about clean eating, exercise and general health. Fitness motivators flex their muscles and share the secrets about how to get a flat tummy , thick thighs and a bomb ass.

I feel like its time I talk about this cause I’m not a small girl. No honeyyyy….I got the hips, the thighs, the cellulite, the hello-bye arms (flabby arms), the chubby cheeks, the big bum and by God’s grace…no potbelly! (Starts praying in tongues🔥🔥🔥)

In 2015, I decided to join the movement and become a Herbalife distributor. No shade to Herbalife but their products really work. I went from weighing 88.2kg to 73.1kg. The territory that comes with being a distributor is having to find people to sell the products to which are more often than not overweight. Its not always easy because some people will reject what you’re trying to sell them which is just fine. Ive seen people, after being rejected, turning around and belitteling the person behind their back.

It makes me angry when these healthy lifestyle motivators post memes about overweight people in an attempt to show what they dont want to look like. Thats body shaming! We cant all look alike. We cant all be skinny! Some people like ass and places to hold on to. Just because you dont want to look a certain way, doesnt give you the right to belittle other people. You dont know what they’re going through and what the reason behind their weight is. It reminds me of myself in 2012. I would eat chips (amaskopas) all day, everyday in an attempt to lose weight. The only thing that insanity yielded was really bad ulcers that would cause me to wake up with blood in my mouth. People develop eating disorders because other people who fit the bill on “how people should look” -whatever the hell that means- choose to ridicule them. There is a very thin line between motivating someone to lose weight and be healthy and making them feel inferior and less of a person because of their weight.

Ive been made to feel so little because of how much I weighed. It made me feel less of a person when people called me “mafutha”. I mean…my name is Yolanda. My fat has nothing to do with that! People would always tell me your BMI says you’re obese!! You’re gonna die fat!! Or you wont fit into the door! Or I’m sure your bed has a hole where you sleep!! Imagine all those mean things! 😢After losing weight, people still told me I was fat. What a jacked up society we live in!

And besides, who created the BMI thing hmmm??? Someone who wanted to feel better about how skinny they were by making other people feel like they’re not good enough? All because a number has now catagorized you as obese or overweight? We tend to forget that no matter how much someone may weigh, they’re still a person with feelings at the end of the day.

Ive been fat shamed so many times in my life. By family, boyfriends, “friends”… but making the choice to lose weight was mine. People need to understand that losing weight is not something small. You need to be emotionally and mentally ready to do it.

So to end off, I’d like for body shaming to stop. It causes some deep psychological scars. Not 1 calorie will be added to your daily calorie intake if you dont ridicule them. Let people choose to be influenced positively and to join you in your healthy journey on their own free will rather than going about it the wrong way. 

No BS!


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