Outgrowing People

I’ve always been labelled as a mean person. A hater even, but I’m unapologetic about the way that I am and the way way I live.

Life is not stagnant. We go through things. Things that change us, things that make us dig deep into our beings…who we really are. In all this growth, there are people we leave behind for so many reasons.

Some people always feel guilty about not sustaining communication. But in my hustle for a Communication Science degree, I’ve learned that communication is a 2way street. If someone doesnt make the effort to talk to you, then dont feel guilty. If they want to talk to you, they will…trust me.

Do not even get to a point where you’re beating yourself up about the friends you once had that you no longer talk to. We are growing, every single day, in every way. Dont feel guilty about outgrowing people. Some people are meant to be in your life for a certain period of time.

These days I find myself looking at people’s profiles on social media and thinking…”Wow. We were such good friends”. But I dont feel bad that we’re no longer friends because I doubt that who they are now and who I am now could ever really be friends. People change. People HAVE to change. It symbolises growth in most cases. Our value systems change, it comes with the territory of growing up.

However there are those ride or die people who’ve been with you since day 1. Loyal people who even if you dont see them for a year, your relationship still stays intact. I always see and hear High School kids calling each other “best friends for life” and thinking they’ll be with their current boyfriend/girlfriend forever😂😂😂 wooo Lawd!! The chances of that happening are so slim. You’ll lose 70-80% of your friends. Your partner…forget it B!

Anyway  Im not rude, but I just feel that if the last time I had a conversation with you was between 2010 and 2015, then dont call me wanting to catch up. Catch up on what? You dont know who I am anymore and I dont know who you are. I’ve done too much growing, done waaaay too much to give you the 411 on my life. If our paths are supposed to cross and yield a fruitful relationship then thats all up to God…NOT ME!! 

We are too old to be engaging in meaningless, irrelavent conversations that will do nothing for your life.Again, dont feel guilty about outgrowing people. This is life. These things happen.


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