10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Alcohol 🍸

Since its Lent, I figured I should share what I’m giving up. Its Alcohol. Booze and I have a very colourful past that I’d like to forget😂. To help me feel good about why I choose to no longer drink, I came up with 10 reasons why YOU should quit alcohol too…even if its just for Lent.

1.Save Money

Look, lets be frank. Alcohol is expensive. Think what you could do with that money you save. Things that actually last longer than 24hours.


Heres something interesting…alcohol has empty calories. No nutritional value. I once met someone who told me that beer makes you crap so surely it has fiber😂 Maybe but if I want fiber I’ll have muesli or oats…something healthy. Gaining weight cause of liquor isnt part of my life goals hey. *chucks dueces*


I struggled so much with hangovers. Literally made me regret drinking. Feeling crappy, headache, constipation, fatigue, hunger than never ends, throwing up…how awful! Thank God I quit!! 😧

4.You Start Feeling Better

Actually, I started feeling so much better when I stopped drinking. More energy and vitality. Imagine actually getting up and jogging on a Saturday morning without feeling crappy?! This does not apply to the 21 year olds…yall still fresh AF vele.

5. No Drunk Texts

See this, I’m the queen of drunk texting😂 give me a bottle of some good wine and a phone then you’ll know🙆. This will get you into so much unneccesary drama the following day. Pure regret!

6.Always remember what Happened

Mega memory! No more blackouts!! Imagine!!😂😂😂 Waking up the next day and telling everyone what happened is my favourite part of sobiriety!

7. Your Liver will thank you!

And the operative word here being LIVE. Alcohol attacks your liver mostly. Imagine being 30 and having a damaged liver cause uyagalela mos

8. Sperm Count

Alcohol lowers sperm count. Imagine the frustration of trying to have a baby later in life but dololo! And im not talking about the Mazwi syndrome…I’m talking about your swimmers being there but not being enough😂 (I’m really laughing) 

9. No Phuza Face🙌

I’ve seen so many people who go from gorgeous, glowing faces to this washed-out, dry/oily skin that looks so dehydrated. Literally go from beautiful to ugly. Ever wonder why you’re alwayd thirsty after a night of drinking? Alcohol dehydrates your body and skin. Hydrate mntase!

10. No more “I really did that?!” 😱

Ahhh my favourite words 😂 When you blacked out and did insane things like stealing from a street vendor and running away or piggy back riding strangers at Pick n Pay in the liquor aisle. I dont miss that at all. 
Anway I hope these reasons were enough to make you quit…even if its just 40 days.


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