Be Careful What You Post!

I know this topic has probably been done to death but what i saw the other day just ignited the spark again. 

I was going through my timeline on Facebook and this time i wasnt using Free Facebook because the data gods had blessed me. So I see this girl’s picture with literally nothing but a shirt on which is fully unbutton and only a hand over her breasts and coochie. Myself, still being shocked that there are people who still do these things, I go through the comments. A rather disturbing 1 caught my attention. Another female said that she should be proud of this because theres nothing wrong with the picture. People like to put normal people down. Because if this was done by a celebrity, we’d be loving it.
I sat there and laughed because I couldnt believe the amount of ignorance in what I just read.

The reality is that we are normal people. When you post a half naked picture of yourself on social media no endorsements will come in. When celebrities do that though, personal trainors, designers, underwear departments, nutrition companies line up.
As a normal person what do you get? NOTHING. Just a bunch of likes that wont even pay your rent. We need to understand that the mere fact that they’re celebrities means they’ve worked to be known and their guap situation is sorted. They dont have to worry about prospective employers seeing all this online.

People need to understand that NOTHING can be deleted on the internet. So 1 day when you’re looking for the serious job and a background check is conducted on you, that picture will pop up because background checks are too real! You may not get the job because of the image you portray on social media. We are not celebrities! Even if you are known on social media, you are not a celebrity still.

Understand that not even Beyonce could get her picture removed from the internet. Wena who are you??

We need to understand what the consequnces for such things are. Are those likes worth it? Did they do something for your confidence? How much did you get paid? The need to impress people and get attention is becoming so pathetic it just makes me sad. So if you have raunchy pictures on social media, let all this sink in. The world is real out here. Its not social media. You can be qualified for something but be rejected because of who you are online.

So make your choice…will it be acceptance on social media or acceptance in the real world where real life happens??


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