Trust Your Journey…

Ever since I finished high school, I’ve always been the type of person who puts pressure on myself to achieve certain things in a specific time frame. How everything is supposed to go like clockwork…everything just on time. Finish my degree at 21, find a good job by 22 or 23. All that has not happened. None of it.
If anything, my journey has taught me to have faith. Faith like potatoes…as the saying goes. Im a big believer in God having a plan greater than any you can have for yourself. Thats all that keeps me going in this journey im on. Cause my goals that I set for myself years ago haven’t been accomplished but the ones I didnt think about surely have.

This post is for everyone who feels like their life isnt going anywhere, like your life is filled with humps, potholes, road blocks, detours and U-turns. Theres is no rule, in any book that says you must achieve certain things by a certain age or it should take you a certain amount of time to achieve something. As young people we put too much pressure on ourselves to achieve. And what we are exposed to on social media, on ICTs influences our ideas of success and achieving.

Im a big believer in happiness being an achievement. These days you can have it all but if you’re not truly happy then whats the point? If you cant wake up in the morning everyday and be truly happy then whats it all for? People argue that money is happiness. To a certain extent yes. If you wake up in a place where the rent/mortgage is paid, have a bed, have clothes, have food and all then yes you are happy. But what about that happiness that money cant buy? That one that makes you wake up with a smile on your face. The one that takes you to your knees everyday to thank God.

6days into the year I found myself spiralling down into the same dark place that makes me depressed and feel worthless. But I fought through that because even if things may not be happening as I want them to, I take comfort in the fact that God wouldn’t lead me astray. Never

So if your life isnt shaping out the way that YOU want it to, remember that there is a higher power working on your behalf. It wont happen on your time but on God’s time.

Faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain. Stay blessed❤


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