But girl….wear a bra

I had this other heated post that when i gave to my friend to read, she said nahhh this is a hater rant…it wont be recieved well. So i took her advice and put a positive spin on it.

So… Ladies…do you not see that the way you dress is the way people will recieve you??

Females are the underdogs of the world. We always have a point we need to prove. That we’re worthy. That we’re capable. That we’re equal and maybe better than men. We’ve made unbelievable strides that have shifted the stereotypes but there are some things that girls do that just take the strides 20 steps back. There is no doubt that we’re more scrutinized than men when it comes to what we wear. So now what i dont understand is why girls suddenly dont feel the need to wear a bra? What is it supposed to achieve? A sexier look? More attractive? Tired of a bra? Heck im wearing a bra right now cause i have to. No child has been fed from my bossom so theyre not saggy. Im wearing a bra because i dont want people staring at my nipples or my boobs bouncing up and down when i need to run. I dont need to be remembered for my sexiness but rather my intelligence.

I asked a male what he thought about this whole bra trend and he said “yeah its sexy and all cause i like boobs but i wouldnt take her to meet my fam.” That right there is an indication of what people think. Someone will get down and jiggy with you in a club but wont take u home to their family. We’re shooting ourselves in the foot by doing such things. Yes Eve never wore a bra in the begining but honey, times have changed. We’re already policed enough for short shorts and crops tops but now u wanna take it a set further and leave ur boobs hanging. And maybe youre sitting there saying ‘but i dont suffer from bazothini abantu syndrome!’. All good! But realise that you’re not the only one on this planet. Perception is everything boo!

My thing is, leave the wearing see through shirts and Ts with no bra to Kim Kardashian and Rihanna cause they got their Kanyes and Drakes and their millions. They dont need to make an impression to anyone.
After you’re done reading all this, put on a bra…you’re letting down the female species because you’re now seen as a sex symbol even if “you’re smart” *DJ Khaled voice*.


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